Have you ever wondered which zodiac sign is the most dangerous? If you believe in astrology, you’re aware that where we are in the sun sign chart has an impact on our personalities and opinions. The zodiac signs we were born under determine how we love, how we conduct ourselves in relationships, our likes and dislikes, our habits and behavior patterns, and so on. That’s not all, though.

So, do you have a friend who can’t keep their cool? Perhaps they are born under a sign that is prone to rage. Perhaps you’d like to learn more about the zodiac sign with the most murders. If you’re curious about which zodiac signs are most likely to be aggressive or murderous, we’ve put together a list of the evilest zodiac signs, in order of extremity.

Your zodiac sign can also influence how far you can push societal norms and end up on the wrong side of the law. Yes, our stars and signs can determine how dangerous a person can be when provoked or wronged, believe it or not.

dangerous zodiac signs

Several articles in 2015 claimed that the FBI had released a study ranking zodiac signs based on their proclivity for criminal activity, with Cancer being the most dangerous zodiac sign. That has never been proven, as the FBI appears to have never released such a study.

Au contraire, serial killer database KillerCloud compiled a list of 488 serial killers and categorized them by their zodiac signs, finding Capricorn to be the most dangerous zodiac sign, with Cancer ranking lower than all other signs except Taurus, which they deemed the least dangerous.

It’s important to remember that correlation doesn’t always equal causation. Just because two variables appear to be similar does not always imply that one causes the other to occur. We need to dig a little deeper.

The FBI did not categorize and rank criminals according to their zodiac signs, according to a widely circulated internet report.

But we’re here to make up for what the suits failed to provide.

top 10 most dangerous zodiac signsWhile thieves and killers are found throughout the zodiac, there are certain characteristics that encourage deviant behavior. When it comes to sadistic temperaments, we believe Mutability and Midwestern pedigrees lead the way, and Air signs are the best at persuading themselves into plea bargains. we’ve compiled a list of the most dangerous zodiac signs, ranked from least to most dangerous, based on our personal preference for men with neck tattoos, extensive astrological training, and a teenage obsession with true crime documentaries.

Let’s face it, some of you aren’t going to enjoy this. However, astrology has to do what astrology has to do from time to time, which this time includes calling out some bad behavior.

When we say that a certain star sign is the most “dangerous,” we don’t mean that they should be avoided at all costs or that they are necessarily bad people. These signs simply have a darker underbelly than the others, and some of the ones I’m pointing out might surprise you. Some people have no trouble stepping into the light. Libras, for example, can easily transition into roles of peacemaking, and it is in these roles that their vibrance shines brightest.

Which are the most dangerous zodiac signs?

Before we get into which zodiac sign is the most dangerous when angry or which zodiac sign is the most violent, it’s important to note that just because someone is born under a certain sign doesn’t mean they’ll always be evil or murderous. So, just because your friend or romantic partner is born under one of the evilest zodiac signs, doesn’t mean you can’t sleep with them or leave your drink unattended while they’re around. The list of the “most dangerous zodiac signs when angry” was compiled solely to determine which sign has the greatest potential to sin, as well as which sign has done so historically. 

Furthermore, if a person has a history of anger issues and is born under the most aggressive zodiac sign, you should keep your distance. This list can assist you in a variety of ways that you may not be aware of. Let’s talk about what we came here to talk about now that the PSA is over.

Each of us possesses a certain amount of aggression. In tense situations, our rage and anger make us dangerous. The same can be said for all of the zodiac signs. Each sign has its own set of dangerous characteristics. Sagittarius, for example, is not a compassionate sign among the zodiac signs ruled by the fire element. 

Beware of manipulation if you’re in love with a Sagittarius man. When pushed into a corner, they can be borderline criminals, but they also know how to get away with it. Leos, as the most ferocious of the zodiac signs, can be extremely dangerous.

the most dangerous zodiac signThe dominant Aries, however, triumphs over other dangerous zodiac signs, representing the element of fire with a ferocity that can turn murderous if the situation calls for it. 

Zodiac signs that represent the elements of the air have the most aggressive streak. When it comes to getting even with someone who has wronged them, the two-faced Gemini, the balanced Libra, and the free-spirited Aquarius take a “no-holds-barred” approach.

These signs will go to any length in their quest for vengeance, from deception to breaking the law. That is why they dominate the list of the evilest zodiac signs.

Taurus stands out among the earth signs for its intimidatingly violent demeanor. 

Virgos’ aggressive tendencies are motivated by their passion, whereas Capricorns are known to be dangerous in general. It’s also worth noting that each zodiac has its own set of characteristics, which results in different manifestations of evil.

Capricorns, for example, are capable of committing minor offenses such as petty theft or more serious offenses such as murder. 

Additionally, Capricorns’ characteristics often lead them to be careless with their crimes, resulting in them being caught more often than not. Mao Zedong, the Chinese Communist revolutionary, was a Capricorn. If you didn’t know, he “presided” over more deaths than Hitler and Stalin combined.

Let’s move on from this broad overview to a more detailed look at the most dangerous zodiac signs, listed in ascending order of their riskiness. 

Here are the most dangerous zodiac signs, ranked from most dangerous to least dangerous, based on their typical personality traits and statistical data.


  1. Virgo


The most dangerous sign of the zodiac is Virgo, which takes the cake — nay, the corpse — for the most dangerous sign of the zodiac. They are the least likely to be caught in the act or in the aftermath of a crime, in my opinion. Their exacting, meticulous nature is ideal for cover-ups and crime scene cleanup, and their adaptable energy makes dealing with stressors like guilt and regrets a breeze. They’ll take all their secrets and skeletons to the grave, as they’re more inclined to invert than express. Ed Gein, a Midwestern madman who fashioned clothing — including a nipple belt and home décor such as human-skin lampshades — from the remains of his victims, was a Virgo, an industrious Earth sign who doesn’t like to waste time or materials.

Virgos have an uncanny ability to steal without being noticed. The perfectionist Virgo is an expert thief.


  1. Pisces


John Wayne Gacy, Richard “Double Pisces” Ramirez, Aileen Wuornos, Osama Bin Laden, the BTK Killer, Adolf Eichmann, and Ottis Toole are just a few of the famous death dealers who are born under the sign of the fish. How did the Water sign with the most compassion end up with the highest concentration of killers? Pisces is an escapist sign that escapes into the realm of fantasy to cope with their acute sensitivity. The flip side of this is a natural inclination to live outside of reason or reality. Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions, rules Pisces. Pisces’ are destructive, secretive, and pessimistic when they’re at their most dangerous.

These people are prone to despair and the development of deep resentments, which can turn into violent fantasies of revenge or dominance if they are easily wounded. They have a proclivity for avoiding confrontation and resisting accountability, both of which contribute to their prolific killing careers.

Pisceans, also known as the classic lovers, are the stuff of fairy tales. They are romantics at heart, but they can become obsessed with the concept of love. While they are deeply moved by this emotion, Pisces’ personality traits include procrastination, making it difficult for them to express it with ease and confidence.

This can make them difficult to deal with, and this applies not only to those around them, but also to themselves. They are one of the most dangerous zodiac signs due to their fixation/obsession with love.

They’re known for their escapism, which they turn to when real life becomes too much for them to handle.

Their idealistic outlook on life can lead them to overlook the consequences of their actions. Take, for example, Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood mogul who sparked a feminist revolution. His pattern of crimes just shows the heinous nature of someone who doesn’t think much about the consequences of their actions, as he has been accused of sexual assault and rape by multiple women. As a result, it’s no surprise that Pisces is one of the most dangerous zodiac signs when they’re angry.


  1. Gemini


Gemini is the sign of duality, as represented by the twins. Sada Abe, a geisha, prostitute, convicted murderess, and full-bore Gemini, is an example of how these people swing hot and cold. She strangled to death her married lover with her own belt after a weekend of vigorous sex. After that, she drank beers, cuddled his body, and carved her name into his arm, using the blood to write a love note (Gemini is the sign of written communication). She eventually cut off his penis and carried it around with her as a memento.

“I felt totally at ease; as if a heavy burden had been lifted from my shoulders, and I felt a sense of clarity,” Abe told police after being apprehended. It’s only fitting for an Air sign to be free of the burden of murder, to smile for the cameras at the courthouse, and to spend their later years in a convent. It’s impossible to say the girl lacked range.

This air sign is unlike any other in the zodiac. In a relationship, Geminis are masters of communication as well as manipulation. Because of their keen understanding of people, they are experts at determining what people require and then providing them with exactly what they desire.

People born under the sign of Gemini have a keen understanding of others. They can easily figure out what motivates a person thanks to their keen observation and analytical skills. Then they take advantage of it. They can use this skill ruthlessly when necessary, making them a zodiac sign to be feared. And it’s not without reason.
Take, for example, Tupac Shakur, a well-known American rapper. He had an innate and brilliant ability to win people over with his words and music as a Gemini native. But, while he is still one of hip-hop’s most popular figures, he is also one of the most divisive. Tupac died as a result of gang violence, which he had been accused of repeatedly. Gemini has a reputation for being the most aggressive of the zodiac signs. Jeffrey Dahmer, one of the most notorious serial killers, was a Gemini native, which just goes to show that you shouldn’t put your trust in this group too quickly.

So, the next time a Gemini man or woman tries to seduce you, remember that they are one of the most dangerous zodiac signs.


  1. Aquarius


Aquarius is one of the most dangerous zodiac signs, known for their ability to hide their true feelings. It’s nearly impossible to know what an Aquarian is thinking. Even if it appears that you know everything there is to know about them, there will always be something left to discover, like a twisted mystery.

Some Aquarius natives are as sweet as candy, but others are so ruthless that they have cast a negative light on the zodiac sign. These nefarious Aquarians are always looking for new ways to cause havoc. Their ability to hide their deepest fears and failures makes them formidable foes and formidable opponents with very few flaws.

Aquarians are the zodiac’s trailblazers, as they are ruled by Uranus, the planet of revolution and individualism. Consider Aquarius “Queen of Cocaine” Griselda Blanco, who established herself as a true pioneer in the male-dominated drug trafficking industry. Is there a more fitting surname for a woman who once smuggled a ton and a half of cocaine into the United States per month? I don’t believe so. Blanco, who was described as “ruthless and ingenious” — operative adjectives for any Aquarius — plotted to murder not one, but two of her husbands and once planned to kidnap John F. Kennedy Jr. to avoid a murder sentence.


  1. Scorpio

ScorpioPeople born under the sign of Scorpio have a hard time forgetting how they were treated. A Scorpio is a retaliator by nature. When they’re angry, they’re one of the most dangerous zodiac signs, and they’re known for carrying grudges to their graves. They have a one-of-a-kind hatred as well as a one-of-a-kind love. They’re also one of the zodiac’s most unfaithful signs. While these evil Scorpio natives can love like no one else, if they are scorned, they will go to any length to give you what they believe you deserve. Their tenacity, combined with their elephant’s memory, is a lethal combination, earning them a spot on this list of the evilest zodiac signs. Paranoia, toxic sexuality, obsession, controlling tendencies, and the pursuit of power at all costs are the darker manifestations of Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto, the death-daddy planet. Charles Manson, a failed folk musician turned death dealer, epitomized these themes. Scorpios are skilled at seduction and utilizing other people’s abilities, which explains how and why Manson was able to entice a slew of middle-part-wearing young women to do his dark bidding while languishing in the desert at a diminutive 5-foot-6. To add insult to injury, Charles was born with a messianic Aquarius Moon, indicating that he was doomed to be a murderous cult leader.

Who else but a man with this Sun and Moon configuration would regularly administer LSD to his followers, pose as Christ, and reenact the crucifixion?


  1. Sagittarius

SagittariusSagittarius is the sign of expansion, optimism, and good luck, and is ruled by Jupiter, the fun-loving, drunk-uncle planet. It is symbolized by the ever-seeking archer. Exhibit A: Pablo Escobar, a Colombian drug lord, hippo enthusiast, and well-known Sagittarius. The man, the legend, the mustache built a vast narcotics empire, amassing a fortune that landed him on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest men for seven years in a row. Escobar and his associates were responsible for the deaths of approximately 1,000 Colombian police officers, effectively turning his hometown of Medellin into the world’s murder capital.

Escobar, a Sagittarian with delusional optimism, was dissatisfied with his position as a drug lord and set his sights on a political career. Sagittarians, like Escobar, tend to live by their own, often twisted moral code. Escobar was a troubled man who was adored by his countrymen, some of whom still regard him as a folk hero. He distributed food and blankets in slums, built houses, and paid for medical procedures for the poor. Escobar’s luck, if not his legacy, finally ran out the day after his 44th birthday, when he was killed by Colombian police and American DEA agents in a coordinated attack.


  1. Capricorn

CapricornCapricorns are tenacious and strategic, and they will not settle for second place, even if — and perhaps, especially if — it comes to criminal credibility. Al “Scarface” Capone, a scrappy Capricorn who was dubbed “Public Enemy No. 1” by the city of Chicago, exemplifies this point. Capricorns, like all Earth signs, are devoted to their creature comforts, and Capone didn’t let his incarceration stop him from having them. The mobster’s alleged orchestration of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre exemplifies Capricorns’ preference for stoicism over sentiment. He ruined the meaning of Valentine’s Day by trading Tommy guns for cupid’s arrows and a seven-man body count for candy hearts.


  1. Leo

LeoVanity is a favorite sin of Leos, and many of them will go to great lengths to maintain their appearance. Countess Elizabeth Báthory, more than any other living lion, has taken conceit to new heights. Báthory began murdering local girls and consuming their blood, believing it contained the elixir of youth because she was concerned that her beauty was fading. Vile? Certainly, but new research suggests Liz may have been correct.


  1. Aries

AriesCardinal Fire sign Aries wants to be foremost and be prominent. It is bold and brash, original and difficult to ignore. Aries, a mobster, and alleged assassin “Crazy Joe” Gallo are introduced. The guy couldn’t keep a low profile; he had a pet lion, celebrity friends, a penchant for quoting philosophy, and died on his 43rd birthday dressed in a pinstriped suit. Aries energy is utterly self-centered and randomly violent at its lowest vibration.

When an analyst suggested Joey had “pseudopsychopathic schizophrenia,” he responded, “F–k you,” according to his biographer. Things are no longer right or wrong. It’s either smart or stupid. An act isn’t judged by its nature. You evaluate it based on the outcomes. Now we’re all criminals… Things exist only when I believe they should, okay? Me. “I am the universe.”

I’m the entire world? Is there no such thing as a mistake? On a bad day, apex Aries.


  1. Libra

LibraLibras, who are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, believe they are entitled to the finer things in life and have little desire to work for them. They are known for their enormous charm and lack of work ethic, preferring not to get their hands dirty or have their feathers ruffled. It’s only fitting that Doris Payne, a glamorous Libra, commits the bloodless, victimless crime of high-end larceny, eventually becoming the world’s most famous jewel thief. In 2019, Payne published a memoir in which he revealed that the key to a successful heist is the ability to make people forget, not luck or confidence. She wrote, “If they could forget, then I could get money.”

Libras despise monotony because they are social, adventurous, vivacious, and upbeat. They enjoy making a statement with their antics and can occasionally forget where the line is drawn, making them quite dangerous to those of us who get in their way. Not to mention their casual demeanor, which makes it difficult to assess the potential for the havoc caused by this sign.

The US Marine who assassinated American President John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, was a Libran. He had no qualms about denying the charges against him when he was arrested. It just goes to show that Librans’ typical dishonesty can often calm their conscience. As a result, putting them on the list of the evilest zodiac signs isn’t a bad idea.


  1. Cancer

CancerCancer energy is associated with compassion, intuition, and caring. It is ruled by the moon. When it comes to self-reflection, it is emotionally manipulative and delusory at its worst. Look no further than cancer evangelist Peter Popoff, who is accused of defrauding legions of faith followers by falsely claiming to be a clairvoyant capable of divining and curing their medical conditions. Be wary of false prophets and people born in the first week of July.


  1. Taurus

TaurusIn my experience, a Taurus would rather masturbate and have a beach picnic than go to the trouble of murdering someone, contrary to this study. It’s not that they don’t have rage; all bulls set aside a section of their pasture for the grudges they water on a regular basis. It’s just that they’d rather be wealthy than even. Taurus rules the Second House of values and possessions, and the darkest manifestations of this energy are ruthless greed and total indifference. As a result, it’s no surprise that Bernie Madoff, the infamous Ponzi schemer, was born under the sign of the bull.




To spill the beans, the FBI might have done some study, research, or maybe even a statistical analysis of the co-relation between criminals and their zodiacs, but it sure as hell was never published anywhere. But does that mean that the signs and how dangerous they are aren’t related? We’ll let that be for you to figure out.

In this world, no one is perfect; everyone has flaws and imperfections. Everyone has a unique way of expressing their anger, which can be quite dangerous and frightening at times. A person with a negative personality may be prone to committing crimes such as murder or high-level robbery. Positive and negative personality traits based on zodiac signs have been successfully predicted by astrology. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the most dangerous zodiac signs, ranked from most dangerous to least dangerous.

Every sign of the zodiac has a dark side. Each zodiac sign has a mix of positive and negative characteristics. While some people can never hurt a fly, others can be quite dangerous and creepy when they are disturbed.

While a person’s sun sign may indicate that they are more aggressive, deceptive, or otherwise dangerous, it is the chart as a whole that determines how dangerous they are.

A person with a predominantly negative personality may be prone to committing crimes such as murder or high-level thievery. Positive and negative personality traits based on wheel signs have been successfully predicted using divination.