Sexting your man can be really effective if done correctly.

However, there’s a thin line between sounding cheesy and sounding sexual, sinful, and filthy. Yes, this article will teach you how to send your partner some really seductive and filthy texts that will make him hornier than you ever imagined possible.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re looking for the hottest texts to send a guy to turn him on. You’ll learn when to send him a dirty text and how to use sexting, to keep him thinking about you, especially when he’s away!

We live in an era where texting has become so common that it has nearly completely overtaken personal, physical interactions. Hot texting (or sexting/dirty texting) has just become an unavoidable part of our everyday lives and the major ingredient when it comes to spicing up our love lives (especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship), regardless of whether you’re in a relationship, recently began dating someone, or have a casual fling going on.

There are a variety of reasons why women send filthy text messages- to keep him thinking about you when you’re not together; in order to increase sexual tension; to elicit a response from him; to learn how to make him horny; and to tease him, playfully.

Knowing some sexy texts to send a partner can turn up the heat without boiling over when you’re trying to get flirty with your partner. Halfway into your seventh video conference of the day and you’re starting to feel a little sensual, but you don’t want to go full-on sex mode? Sexting! 

It is very exciting and fun, particularly in long-term relationships. Every relationship necessitates attention and upkeep. When sexual intimacy is valued as a vital component of a relationship, it tends to stay strong over time. It’s all too easy to put the sexy stuff on the back burner. When family, work, school, and general life get in the way, you don’t always have time to lavish extra love on your partner. Because sexual intimacy is so significant and critical in a relationship, finding small ways to maintain flirty feelings can make you and your partner feel wanted and connected. These sexy texts are a great place to start if you want to keep things freaky and exciting!

Dirty Messages For Your BoyfriendEven when you’re not around, sexting with your partner is a terrific way to talk dirty to him. 

So, what kind of naughty text messages should you send to keep your partner thinking about you? 

An inappropriate text message from you can develop a lot of suspense, whether you’re both sitting in different corners of the same room or are doing long-distance miles away in separate cities, or if you’re just missing him wherever you are! You’ll never be far from his thoughts if you do it this way. He’ll be desperate to rip your clothes off and have sex when you’re finally together. As a result, you should consider nasty texts to be another form of foreplay. It might also catalyze your horniness. 

Begin by sending a few impromptu dirty talk texts, and then go with the flow. Are you at a loss for words? Scroll down to find out more.

Sexy, Dirty Text Messages For Your Boyfriend

Sex chats can be naughty, funny, dirty, or even talk about kinks. Sexting is more akin to an art form; you must be inventive and allow your imagination to run wild. All you have to do is bring a bang with your opening act, and the rest will take care of itself. Make an effort to go with the flow and avoid interrupting it by talking about mundane matters. When you go kinky sex chat with your boyfriend, the whole point is to bring out your sexy self, and that is all that will happen. The whole point of talking dirty is to make your boyfriend feel bad in his pants and want to be with you even when you’re not there. He should also be aware that you don’t need a bed to seduce him; simply sending him sexy messages could be enough to turn him on.

Text messages are an excellent way to increase sexual tension between you and your partner. Although the texts you send can be quite sexual, the fact that you and your man are so far apart creates a barrier to anything sexual taking place (barriers are what build sexual tension). Send these messages to your man and see what happens. Some of them may be a little wild and ‘out there,’ while others are a little more reserved.

Dirty Messages For Your Love# “I’d come over and blow your mind if I didn’t have to go to work/college today.”

The beauty of this one is that it could mean a lot of different things. It could imply that you’re about to give some literally “mind-blowing” head. Alternatively, it could imply that you’re about to show him something cool. You’ll get him thinking about you by being indirect and vague like this, which is exactly what you want!

Your man will be very excited as a result of these messages. As a result, when he finally gets a chance to be alone with you, he’ll be panting like a dog. Talking dirty can be used in a variety of ways to increase sexual tension.

# Two of the more subtle ways of sending dirty text messages to your man are to keep him thinking about you and to build sexual tension. Sending him a message simply to arouse him is a more direct way. Consider the following:

“Right now, I want you to be on top of me.”

When you’ve been seeing your man for a while, you’ll find it easier to send him messages like these. Otherwise, you might appear to be coming on a little too strong!

# When sending your man a message to tease him, you must be cautious. It’s crucial that you’re not overly harsh with him when you send them, in case he misinterprets them. Here are some good examples of things you could send him to tease him:

“I’d give you the blowjob of your life if you were here right now!”

“How is it that the farther you are to me, the more I want you inside me?!”

Dirty Messages For Him# These messages only imply that they are filthy. They might be a little more flirty, and they might even be overlooked by someone who is busy or oblivious, but they can also work if you’re just getting to know someone. If he understands what you’re saying, he can respond with his own dirty text messages or even escalate the situation.

  • I got something for both of us to use.
  • Let’s play a game [include dirty questions, commands, and so on]. Get some flirty text game ideas.
  • It’s been extremely difficult to focus at work/school today.
  • I’m tired of being bored. Tell me what I should do to keep myself entertained.
  • You should see how I look in my new lingerie.
  • It’s not that I can’t take my mind off of you. Hold up, that just might be it.
  • Is it okay if I come in for lunch?
  • Tell me your fantasies, and I’ll spill mine.

Sexy Messages For Boyfriend# When you use these dirty text messages, there’s no denying that you’re in a sexy mood, and they’re less likely to be misinterpreted. However, you’re not using the most explicit language just yet.

  • “What’s it called when you love sucking on things? An oral fixation? Yea, I’ve got that.”
  • “I’m just thinking about the last time we were together. It felt so good.”
  • “I wanna know the dirtiest fantasy you’ve ever had. I’ll tell you mine.”
  • “Guess what I’m going to do the next time I see you.”
  • “What’s the greatest memory you have of us having sex? (You can also describe yours).”
  • “Sometimes I see you, and it’s like I’m out of control. I just want to jump your bones.”
  • “I’ve been planning what I’ll do to you in bed all week. I am going to blow your mind.”
  • “I bet I can make you squirm/moan/pant.”
  • “I slept so well last night. We should do that more often.”

Intensely Sexy Text Messages

  • “Do you think I should go commando tonight?”
  • “Something will be different about my body when you see me next. It’s up to you to find it.”
  • “Name a body part, and I’ll send a picture of it.”
  • “I’ve been interested in rough [or gentle, sensual, etc.] sex for as long as I can remember.”
  • “Let’s install a mirror in the bedroom.”
  • “Sometimes just your kisses turn me on.”
  • “You’re such an animal in bed; wild.”
  • “Do you think I make too much noise in bed? Next time, you could try choking me”
  • ‘[Send an audio recording of you masturbating] Guess what I am doing in this clip?”
  • “If you guess what I’m doing now, I’ll send you a picture of it.”

Dirty Text Messages To Send Your Guy

  • “I just want to spend all night with your body next to mine.”
  • “You’re so skilled that you could teach lessons in sex!”
  • “You scream for ice cream; I scream for ____ (fill in the blank).”
  • “Do you know the most sensitive part of my body?”
  • “If you FaceTime me right now, you’ll like what you see!”
  • “I found something that reminds me of us. You wanna see it?” [When he agrees, send him a porn clip or GIF]”]
  • “Should we try roleplay?”
  • “I can’t believe how our bodies fit together.”
  • “Let’s make a dirty movie tonight.”
  • “Have you ever wanted to have sex in public?”
  • “[Send him a link to the Kama Sutra]. What should we try next?”
  • “Is your tongue made of magic? Otherwise, I don’t know how you do that.”

Sexy Texts To Send Your Partner

  • “[Send a nude with your genitals and breasts blacked out]. I’ll show you the whole thing if you guess the number I’m thinking of!”
  • “I miss you in bed… and in me.”
  • “We should buy a toy that I can use when we aren’t together. With your name on it”
  • “I can’t figure out whether I like you best on top of me, beneath me, or next to me. What do you think?”
  • “Let’s explore each other’s erogenous zones. There are so many!”
  • “I know you’ve already had dinner, but what about dessert?”
  • “I don’t care if you rip my clothes to shreds when you undress me. In fact, I’d prefer it” that way.
  • “What I need right now: sleep, food, and sex. Except I don’t care about the first two.”
  • “Wanna know what I’m doing today?” [When he answers “Yes”] “You.”

Sexy Messages Hot Text For Boyfriend

  • ”Is it bad if I’ve already masturbated thrice today and it’s not even noon?”
  • My legs are wide open. Care for it?”
  • “I want you to make me cum. Yes, make me cum”
  • “If only you were here to see me this way…”
  • “I am wearing your favorite lingerie.”

Sexy Messages That Will Make Him Crave You

When sending dirty texts to get him in the mood, it’s critical to keep a few things in mind to ensure that your message is received correctly.

You have to learn how to sext a guy before you can unleash the power of seductive texts. Mentioned below are some tips to get him in the mood over text to help you master the art of sexting a guy:

# Figure out what he enjoys.

Knowing what he likes will help you figure out what kind of dirty texts you can send. Keep a note of what appeals to him, what arouses him, and use it when the time comes.

# Stay away from unappealing foods.

You can also keep track of the things that do not excite him or that he finds repulsive, as before. You’ll be able to avoid sabotaging the moment if you do this.

# Set a sensual tone for yourself.

Sexting him works best when you’re passionate about what you’re writing. Keep in mind that a lack of interest will eventually become apparent, so be aware of your own mood.

# Keep your word.

If you’re sexting him, make sure you follow through on your promises, or he will lose interest and may not take you seriously in the future.

# Figure out what to write.

Knowing what to write is another important aspect of sexting him. The following are some tried and true methods that always work:

  • Tell him how sexy he looks to you.
  • Let him know how much he piques your interest.
  • Create a mental image
  • Take command of the situation and tell him exactly what you want.
  • Send him a sultry picture.

Fun Sexy Funny Flirty Texts for Him# Just because we’ve been talking about dirty text messages doesn’t mean you can’t send these messages to your man via email, private Facebook chat, or instant messaging. Feel free to use the medium of your choice.

# You might be itching to start sending your man all kinds of naughty text messages, but my advice is to start small and see if he’s interested. If it’s obvious that he is, you can start sending raunchier messages. If you start by sending him a message that’s a little too out there, you risk freaking him out.

# Keep in mind that changing things up keeps things interesting. You don’t have to send dirty text messages all the time, even if you’re already in a sexual relationship with the guy. In fact, it can become tedious. To keep his interest, mix it up with flirtier or even more romantic messages.

You don’t want to be too predictable, either. You might send him a message during your lunch break or after you get home from work. You can mix it up by sending him a text when you’re in line at the grocery store or sending him a good morning text.

Saucy And Dirty Texts For Your Boyfriend# When sending him a dirty message, be yourself. You want to get dirty, but in a way that is comfortable for you. If you don’t normally use slang, you can substitute “cock” for “penis” or “pussy” for “vagina.” You might not enjoy sending super explicit text messages if you’re not used to being blunt about sexual matters.

You don’t have to use obscene language just because it appears to be obscene. You could use a little euphemism or innuendo, or you could just leave it at that. Leaving something to his imagination can sometimes work in your favor.

If you’re more reserved or polite, on the other hand, sending something raunchy might be just the sexy surprise he needs to get his motor going.

# Understand that sending — and even taking — photos can be dangerous. Someone could see those pictures that you intended only for your partner if your device or storage device is hacked.

However, if you break up and he is a ‘bitter, toxic ex’, he may share them with strangers on the Internet or with people you know. It may be safer to take photos that do not reveal your face or identify birthmarks or other body modifications. If you’re concerned, however, it’s probably best not to take these types of photos at all.

Flirty Texts For Him# Use caution when messaging him. When you know he’s surrounded by people, it’s tempting to send a steamy text, but you don’t want to do it if he’s projecting his screen in a work meeting. Some people despise being interrupted by messages at specific times of the day. Once you’ve figured out what he likes, your messages will always be welcomed.

When he doesn’t want to be distracted or have messages pop up on his screen, he can use his phone’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode or turn off message notifications. Some messaging apps have a “black box” or private conversation feature that ensures that only he sees the inappropriate messages you’ve sent.

Hottest Sexting Messages For Your GuyIf you don’t follow the rules, he might stop responding to your texts.

You can use it with your current partner, new lovers, or even people you just want to flirt with once you master the art of sending dirty text messages.


If you want your man to rip your clothes off the first time he sees you, send him the aforementioned filthy, nasty text messages. If you haven’t seen him in a few weeks and want to spend some quality time with him, these are ideal. Send them in the days and hours leading up to your meeting with him. He’ll be completely consumed by a lustful desire for you when he finally sees you.

You may believe that your asexual self will ruin the fun, but the truth is that talking dirty is not a difficult skill to master. Your subconscious mind prevents you from speaking dirty because it considers it awkward, wrong, and strange. You’re afraid of being judged.

Talking about dirty things isn’t strange or awkward. All you have to do is feel it from the inside out and express your sexual self through texts. That is how simple it is. To talk sexy with a mix of dirty, you’ll need a little imagination and indulgence. Simply bring out your best qualities, and your boyfriend will be unable to bear the distance and will moan for you. Long-distance relationships benefit from dirty chatting as well.

A few texts and no lingerie are all it takes to get dirty. Now that you’ve mastered the art of talking dirty, seducing him with dirty text messages is a piece of cake. Remember, self-indulgence is the key, and you won’t be able to make him stiff in his pants until you feel it yourself. Seduce him until he’s too hot to handle and enjoy every bit of the guilty pleasures that talking dirty has to offer.