Online dating has its advantages: it makes approaching someone you’re interested in much less intimidating, especially if you’re shy. You can customize your profile to ensure that you never make a bad first impression. Your potential crushes aren’t limited to the handful of people you see every day at school, so you have a lot more options.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try your hand at the best dating apps for those under 18 as long as you stay safe, honest, and cautious online. At the very least, creating online identities allows you to network, have fun, and meet like-minded people.

So, if you’re thinking about entering the exciting world of online dating but Tinder’s age policy is preventing you from doing so, don’t worry. Use these free dating apps for those under the age of 18 that are tailored to Gen-Z-ers like you. And, because these apps are aimed at a younger audience, they are thankfully free of perverts. As a result, this list of the best dating apps for those under 18 will ensure that you have a good time without putting yourself in danger. But, in any case, be cautious about who you speak with.

Dating Apps For Under 18Teenage dating apps are becoming increasingly popular, as they make it easier for them to interact with those they like by texting them and making a good first impression.

However, prioritizing your safety and exercising caution when dating online is critical, as there may be an increased risk of fraud and phishing. Remember not to share personal information with strangers, and report and block users who make you feel unsafe. You should also avoid meeting a stranger in unfamiliar places and surroundings.

Dating sites for teenagers did not exist when I was a teenager. I had no date options other than meeting at school or after-school activities or clubs because the online dating scene was mostly lovesick 30-somethings on I managed to get by with such antiquated methods, but some of my introverted friends spent their high school years alone because they didn’t have access to online matchmakers or social media.

dating sites for 15 18 year olds onlineTeens nowadays are fortunate in that they can go online at any time to meet new people, so they don’t have to rely on finding love with a lab partner or a carpool buddy.

If you’re single and your leading lady or man won’t come knocking, it might be time to look into the online dating scene and make something happen for yourself!

It can be difficult to locate teens in your area who are of interest to you. Finding a dating app that uses chatting, videos, and locations to connect you with other kids in your area can help make life more interesting. While there are few dating apps for people over the age of 13 and some should be avoided, there are a few that can help you find the new love of your life.

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Dating Apps For Under 18

  1. MyLOL

Age limit: 13 to 19 years old

In the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Canada, this app is one of the most popular dating sites. You can use the chat feature to communicate with people you’ve connected with, as well as add new friends.

What’s good: They have a strict age restriction policy, so anyone who creates a fake profile will be permanently banned. Age and gender preferences can also be filtered. 

In addition, any user who makes lewd suggestions or propositions to those under the age of 18 has their activity reported to the local police and their profile removed from all platforms.

What’s not: You may come across profiles with no pictures, making it difficult to determine the user’s true age. Furthermore, there may be profile pictures that are disturbing to view.

Platform: Android and iOS

free online dating apps for under 18 year olds

  1. Skout 

Age limit: 17+

It’s not just a dating app because both the site and the app allow users to connect and meet new people. It has a number of useful features, including the ability to go live, watch other live streams, and view the feeds of users in your area.

What’s great about it: Project Artemis was created to combat child predators. They use an “age detection engine” and a database of common text patterns to prevent teenagers from being exploited. They also have an integrated team that monitors for users whose accounts have been suspended, preventing them from creating new accounts on Skout.

What’s not: Because the app is open to both adults and teenagers, an adult could easily create a fake profile and deceive teenagers.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. Yubo

Age range: 13 to 18 years old

This French social networking app is a strange mix of Tinder and Snapchat. You can connect with people from all over the world who share your interests. To ensure maximum safety, the app has a multi-step approach—signing up, creating a profile, reading through community guidelines, technical tools, and moderation, as well as reporting and blocking.

What’s good: They take safety very seriously, which is understandable given that this app is primarily designed for teenagers looking for new friends. They also engage and educate their users about the precautions that should be taken when using the internet. If someone violates their community guidelines, they take immediate action to rectify the situation.

What’s not: Because there is no age verification on the app, adults can easily create fake profiles, watch live streams, and interact with teenagers. There is also no Android app.

Platform: iOS

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  1. Hot or Not (The Game by Hot or Not)

Age limit: 13 to 18 years 

This dating app, currently known as The Game, allows you to meet new people in your area. After you’ve created a profile, you’ll be able to upload your photos, and other users will be able to rate you with a heart or an X. People who match with you can send you a message directly.

What’s good: Users without a profile on the website or app will have limited access and won’t be able to upload any content. Any obscene content is prohibited on the site, according to their terms and conditions.

What’s not: Adults who lie about their age on the platform may prey on teenagers.

Platform: Android and iOS

best dating applications for under 18 year olds

  1. Happn

Age limit: 17+

What if the experience of running into someone in real life and the thrill of meeting someone on a dating app were combined? Happn is the app that allows this to happen. People who have a Happn profile and with whom you cross paths in real life will literally appear on your timeline. This will allow you to communicate with them. If your crush is in the same location as you, they’ll appear on your timeline, and you can send them a quick message!

What’s good: When you’re in the same location as a Happn user, they’ll appear on your timeline; it’s a simple way to meet new people.

What’s not: You might come across creepy users who you’ve crossed paths with, so if you’re concerned, you can set the app’s age restrictions and block them.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. MeetMe 

Age limit: 17+

MeetMe, like Skout, is a member of The Meet Group. The app provides a variety of communication options for its users. You can chat with other app users, go live yourself, or watch other people’s live streams. Users can pay for a bonus feature that allows them to send virtual gifts to each other.

What’s good: They have a comprehensive list of content and conduct policies because user safety is a top priority for them. There is a dedicated ‘Report Abuse’ button on the app and website for users to have a safe experience if they find someone misbehaving.

What’s not: MeetMe was sued in 2014 for its evasive privacy policies, which allowed predators to exploit children under the age of 18.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. Coffee Meets Bagel

Age limit: 18+

This dating app, based in San Francisco, is one of the safest dating apps for teenagers available. They use a clever algorithm to find the best matches for you, so you don’t have to waste time swiping. They also have “personalized icebreakers,” which allow you to have meaningful conversations with someone you like if you don’t know what to say.

What’s great: They’ve been featured on Buzzfeed, Glamour, Refinery 29, The New Yorker, and Shark Tank, to name a few. They have a feature called “in-depth profiles” that allows you to learn more about your match.

What it isn’t: This app, like any other dating app, isn’t immune to sexual predators. If someone on the app makes you feel uneasy, you can easily report them, and their profile will be removed.

Platforms: Android and iOS

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  1. Bumble

Age limit: 18+

Bumble Date was created to challenge traditional heterosexual norms by allowing women to initiate contact. You’d have to swipe right on those who share your interests, of course. If you don’t contact someone within 24 hours after you’ve made a match with them, the match is nullified. If you’re both of the same gender, you can make the first move.

What’s great about it: It’s a secure and simple way to connect with others.

What it isn’t: If you’re the shy type who avoids making the first move, this app may not be for you.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. Nearify

Age limit: None

This isn’t your typical dating app because it allows users to find fun and interesting events happening in their area. The app takes your current location into account and sends you a list of events that have been specially curated for you. This way, if an event that you want to attend arises, you can plan ahead of time and invite your friends or go out with the person you like.

What’s great about it: It’s a fun way to socialize with your friends, and you might even meet new people who share your interests.

What it isn’t: Because it isn’t your typical dating app, you won’t be going on actual dates; instead, it will suggest events for you to plan a date night, such as comedy nights, concerts, and so on.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. Taffy

Age limit: 17 and up.

Because Taffy recognizes that a person’s personality is just as important as their physical appearance, their profile picture will be blurred out when you first start talking to them. Their profile picture becomes clear once you break the ice and get to know them through regular conversations. You’ve got a pretty good sense of their personality by this point.

What’s great about Taffy is that users can express themselves through a variety of topics and posts that are visible to other users.

What’s not: Because the app has only been available for a short time, there may not be many matches available.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. Spotafriend

Age limit: 13 to 19 years old

This is yet another swiping app designed specifically for teenagers. On the app, you can make new friends and meet new people. It, too, asks for your location, just like other dating apps. Despite the fact that this is a teen app, there is no requirement that you include your birth date.

What’s great about the app is that it matches you with people your age, so a 15-year-old will be paired with another 15-year-old.

What’s not to like: Some profile photos may make you feel uneasy. There is also a section on the website called “More than Friends,” which may be inappropriate for teenagers.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. Kik

Age limit: Users must be at least 13 years old to use this service.

This messaging app is an excellent way to make new friends. “Matcher” and “Match & Chat,” both of which allow you to look into other people’s profiles and like them, are two of the most popular tools used by Kik users to find a date. If they like you back, you’ve found your soul mate. Another popular tool is “Flirt!” which allows you to filter people based on their age range.

What’s great: You can use hashtags to find hashtags that are relevant to your interests. You’ll be able to join a specific public group and meet new people this way.

What’s not: Meeting distasteful people can be a drawback of online dating, but thankfully, Kik messenger has a block and report feature. If you come across someone creepy, immediately report their profile and block them.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. Tinder

Age limit: 18 and up.

Tinder is the most popular dating app to date, and it provides you with a list of possible matches. You swipe right on the people you like, and you have a match when they swipe right on your profile. You can message someone directly on the app after you’ve matched with them. What’s good: The “turbo” feature, which you’d have to pay for, allows you to be seen by more people in your immediate area, which means you’ll get more matches.

What it isn’t: Tinder might not be for you if you aren’t into flings.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. Match

Age limit: 18+

To create a dating profile on Match (either through the dating app or the website), you must be at least 18 years old and provide a valid email address. It takes about 15 minutes to complete a Match profile, but it’s well worth it to gain access to the Match membership base of relationship-minded singles. Members can browse dating profiles for free, receive potential matches, and send likes to start online chats. Match, which was founded in 1995, is the most popular dating site for people of all ages, with more first dates, second dates, relationships, and marriages than any other online dating site.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. Teen Dating Site 

Age limit: 18+

Teen Dating Site was founded in 2010 and quickly grew in popularity among young adults looking to meet new people. Free browsing, photo upload and sharing, two-way communication, a Hot or Not game, and quick registration are all available on the online dating site (input your username, birthday, gender, location, email, and password). Teen Dating Site has integrated with social media platforms such as Facebook and Google+ to make it simple to sign up and get started. The teen dating app will soon be available for free on Google Play. The mobile app will provide a dating experience similar to the free dating site, but with greater mobility and GPS matching.

Platform: Android and iOS

best online dating apps for under 18

  1. Our Teen Network 

Age limit: 18+

Our Teen Network has everything a teen needs to hang out, make friends, and find a date in their age range, from offering fun social media usernames to hosting safe teen chat forums. You’ll be asked for the usual information, such as your gender and location, as well as unique information, such as your Kik, TikTok, or Snapchat username, during the free signup process on Our Teen Network. Your dating profile will appear in those sections of Our Teen Network if you choose to include one or both of these usernames. It’s simply another opportunity to meet new people!

The teen forum on Our Teen Network is the most interactive feature, where you can participate in ongoing discussions and form online relationships with other members of the community.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. OK Zoomer 

Age limit: 18+

OK Zoomer is a free online teen dating site where you can make new friends, find a hot date or start an online relationship, and meet interesting people from all over the world. The dating site is currently in beta and is free. OK Zoomer debuted in 2020 with the goal of bringing video dating to the online dating scene, and it chose a catchy name to appeal to a younger audience. Over 2,400 college students from 170 universities had signed up for this local hookup and dating service within the first two days. To date, this popular dating app has matched over 345,000 people!

Platform: Android and iOS

best online dating apps for under 18 year olds

  1. Teenber 

Age limit: 18+

Teenber’s mission is to “meet young people with common interests and make new friends,” and the free online dating site succeeds thanks to its Tinder-like matching system. If you don’t like a person’s profile, swipe left, and if you do, swipe right. You’ll become virtual friends and be able to start messaging each other if you both swipe right on each other. Our dating experts love Teenber because the team promises not to surprise you with unexpected fees, so online daters don’t have to worry about blowing their monthly budgets. A young adult can start a friendship and build an online relationship one message at a time by mingling on Teenber.

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. Teen Chat 

Age limit: 18+

Teen Chat’s online dating experience is unique in that it provides a chat room where young adults do not have to worry about encountering a fake profile or an online predator (or a nosy parent!). Trolls, creeps, harassers, and other abusive members are punished by the free dating site’s karma system, which rewards genuine members while punishing trolls, creeps, harassers, and other abusive members. Teen Chat was founded and is run by a group of dedicated techies who are passionate about what they do. Ashley, a teen user, had this to say about Teen Chat: “Teen Chat is an awesome chat site!” I met the guy of my dreams here, and I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now if it weren’t for Teen Chat!”

Platform: Android and iOS

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  1. Teens Town 

Age limit: 18+

Teens Town places a premium on security and privacy, which is why the team verifies every member and ensures that no adult content appears on the teen dating site. This is a safe and welcoming environment where you can meet new people and find a hot date. Teens Town wants to make meeting interesting people with similar interests and likes as much fun as possible, so it recommends profiles in the Find Your Match section and offers online games to keep singles entertained. Create an account, upload photos, search for, and “favorite” people you like online for free, and use the social networking tools to get to know teens in the online dating scene.

Platform: Android and iOS

is there a tinder for 16 year oldsPeople can now get to know each other better and communicate more effectively thanks to the advent of online dating. These teen dating apps have made it easier for them to connect with people who share their interests and interact with them from the comfort of their own homes. However, one must be wary of the other person’s profile’s authenticity, as some people create fake profiles to exploit others. To avoid danger, refrain from sharing personal information and data on such sites with strangers. Also, if you believe you’ve found your soul mate, relish the moment.

As the saying goes, “love is just around the corner.” It’ll stay around the corner if you don’t go out looking (aka swiping) for it.

You still have a lot of life ahead of you as a teenager, including a lot of dating experiences, so it’s critical to get off on the right foot by joining the right chat room or dating service. The teen dating sites on this list can assist you in making the most of your adolescent years by assisting you in finding someone your own age to woo and romance — when you’re not studying and working hard, of course.

Teenage years should be exciting and eventful, but a romantic adventure does not happen by itself.

It’s up to you to turn your dream into a reality. You’re fortunate to have so many online dating resources at your disposal, so you’re not constrained by your classroom seating arrangement or work schedule.

Teenagers can meet new people, make friends, and form long-term relationships by using a dating site or app. Just remember to enjoy yourself!

Online Dating Tips for a Safer Experience

Let’s go over some important points about dating safely online now that you have five great dating apps to choose from.

# Meet Up in a Secure Environment

You’ll want to meet your potential match in person after connecting and chatting in an app for a while. This is fantastic, but you must exercise caution when doing so.

Always meet in a public location, such as a restaurant or a coffee shop. Having a large group of people around you lowers the likelihood of your date threatening you or doing something similar.

It’s also a good idea to drive yourself to the date (rather than allowing them to pick you up). Just in case something goes wrong, tell some friends or family where you’re going and how long you expect to be gone. To avoid that layer of complication, you should avoid drinking alcohol the first few times you meet.

best apps for online dating under 18#  Common Scams to Avoid

Unfortunately, the fact that many dating apps are free makes them vulnerable to scams. Always be aware of warning signs that a profile is attempting to defraud you:

  • Their photographs have been altered or stolen.
  • During the conversation, they jump all over the place.
  • They immediately request that you chat on another app or send an email.
  • They send you strange links to click.
  • They begin to inquire about personal information.
  • They make a financial request

Don’t immediately trust anyone you meet on a dating app, especially if they ask for money. More information on how to protect your dating profile from scammers can be found here.

under 18 year olds dating apps# Keep Your Profile Safe

You should take precautions to protect your privacy while using dating apps in addition to avoiding scams. Don’t use the same profile picture on all of your social media accounts, which makes it easy for people to find you online. Avoid including links to your social media accounts, and be selective about the photos you use.

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